Regular exports:

   L-Lysine HCL Feed/USP

   L-Lysine sulphate 


   L-PGA USP/Agri

   Valine USP/Feed

   L-Argine USP

   Vitamin C USP/EP

   Vitamin B2

   Dicalcium Phosphate 18 Feed


(NPK WS/Compound Amino acids powder)


L-Lysine HCL                      L-Tyrosine                            Valine                                      Copper Sulphate Penta

USP40                                USP38                                  Feed grade                                Feed grade

   Nantong Felicidad International Trade Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer, supplier, importer and exporter of feed additives, food additives, veterinary drugs, API’s, NPK Fertilizer etc in China by a group of sophisticated staff in the industry for more than 15 years. 


    Our services including:

      Selecting quality approved brands

     Pre-Inspecting before shipment voluntarily

      Collaborating with SGS, Eurofin lab to reinforce QC, sample testing

      Trying every means to reduce sea freight while timely delivery

      Focusing more on quality than price


                                               CATERING FOR ANIMAL, AGRICULTURAL NUTRITION

Address: No. 7th Group.

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